How it all started

Back in 2013 we were looking for an ERP system for our own projects in heavy industry.

At that moment we found OpenERP version 7 and although it lacked documentation and some useful features we liked the concept and idea behind it.

We started using Odoo in 2014 when Odoo 8 brought new api and significant stability improvements.

Since that time we have done multiple implementations for different industries and applications.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Going into Odoo business

In 2018 we decided to publish our modules in the Odoo App Store.

Strong positive feedback brought us to the idea to develop Odoo implementation into a separate business.

Our key advantage is a big amount of experience in real-life scenarios.

That’s why we design and develop our solutions not for programmers but for real people who use them for their busineses. 

We are strictly convinced that ERP is a tool but not a goal.

Because we use Odoo every day ourselves and we know: usability matters.