Show Product Quantity in Odoo POS

Show the available quantity of products in the Point of Sale
11. Mai 2023 durch
Show Product Quantity in Odoo POS
Ivan Sokolov

[ User story ]

One of out customer operates a network of retail stores. Each store has a showroom and a warehouse. Retail sales are done using Odoo POS.
There is also a wholesale department that sales to corporate customer and an online store.
There are 5K+ SKUs with more than 50K items in stock 

[ Objective ]

POS user must be aware of current stock so he could give a customer an instant information about the product availability.

[ Solution ]

We have developed a module that shows available product quantity in POS in real time.
This module is completely Open-source and free.

You can [ Download ] it for free from the Odoo App Store

Core Features >

    • Show total product quantity in POS
    • Automatically update quantity in POS when it is changed in backend or another POS
    • Show quantities in different warehouses of the same company

[ How to configure ]

  • Open “General Settings -> Point of Sale” or click on “Settings” in the selected POS and scroll down to the “Product Quantity” section
  • Activate the “Display Quantity” checkbox. This will enable quantity display for the main warehouse of your company
  • If you have multiple warehouses in your company you can add them into “Additional warehouses” field'
  • By default, if product quantity is zero or below, it will be marked red. You can adjust this threshold using the “Minimum Product Quantity Alert” setting

[ Video tutorial ]

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