Odoo implementation approach

May 25, 2023 by
Odoo implementation approach
Michael Lapin

Back in the days when we were immersed in real sector businesses, our primary goals revolved around enhancing corporate processes for better efficiency and transparency. All the business tools like ISO and OHSAS standards, that we used regularly, passed through the digital transformation now injected into ERP systems. Through our experiences, we gained a deep understanding of the importance of adopting ERP tools effectively to prevent disruptions in the workflow and avoid unnecessary complications.

That's why the Odoo implementation methodology we support is a phased approach. This approach allows our team to manage the project in a structured and controlled way while ensuring that the client's needs are met. It also allows for regular checkpoints to validate the project's progress and ensure that the implementation stays on track.

[ Phased approach ]

If you ask how to eat an elephant, we would say step-by-step, one bite at a time. We follow that approach on every step we take, but let’s dive into the details. 

[ Preliminary engagement ]

We have no contract here, but we’ve got your lead. Following a series of meetings to discuss your business requirements and project scope, we will present you with an offer containing a preliminary project description and an estimate of the implementation costs. The decision-making power is now in your hands.

[ Analysis ]

Once the contract is signed, we conduct a GAP analysis and develop a plan for addressing gaps. Here we take a detailed look at your workflow. The Cetmix implementation team communicates with you on a regular basis to investigate the processes and documents involved. Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between your current business processes and the processes that will be supported by Odoo.

[ Kick Off ]

The kick-off stage establishes a clear understanding between the implementation team and the customer on the project scope, goals, objectives and responsibilities. It ensures that everyone involved in the project is on the same page and has a shared vision of what the project will achieve. The goal is to validate and confirm the scope of the project and refine the expected cost of the project and modules/departments' order of implementation. 

[ Go live ]

At that stage we arrange hosting, import data, configure apps, provide training, gather feedback & make fine-tuning. Odoo modularity allows a phased approach, app by app. Implementing in several coherent phases, with regular production releases and an evolving takeover of Odoo by the end users, has demonstrated its effectiveness over time. 

This approach minimizes your current workflow disruption and helps to identify gaps and apply corrective actions early in the implementation. 

[ Post implementation ]

Additional post-implementation activities such as maintenance, support, additional features, training or hosting are treated separately from the initial project. These activities are considered on an hourly basis, ensuring that ongoing support and enhancement are readily available whenever you need them.

By embracing these principles and following our refined approach, we strive to make your Odoo implementation journey seamless and successful, empowering your organization with a top-notch ERP solution that enhances your operations and drives growth.

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