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Manage servers directly in Odoo _

Cetmix Tower offers a streamlined solution for managing remote servers directly from Odoo. 

Why Cetmix Tower? 


Deploy Cetmix Tower on your own infrastructure for full control over your server management


Use Cetmix Tower alongside other management methods without restriction, ensuring you're not limited to a single vendor

Open Source

Cetmix Tower is distributed under the AGPL-3 license

Broad Compatibility

Execute any software that's manageable via shell commands, from Docker or Kubernetes to direct OS package installations

Odoo Integration

Benefit from Odoo's ecosystem for server management tasks, like deploying servers in response to specific Odoo-triggered events

Beyond Odoo

While optimized for Odoo, Cetmix Tower supports a wide range of software applications, offering flexibility in server management tasks


  • Execute commands on multiple servers at once
  • Render commands using variables
  • Store sensitive information in secret keys that are not visible in command preview


  • Download files from remote server using SFTP
  • Upload files to remote server using SFTP
  • Manage files using templates

Flight Plans

  • Execute commands in series
  • Condition based flow: execute a command based on the previous command result