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Information flow  management is easier than you could imagine _

[ Mail Messages Easy ]

 version available

View and manage all Odoo messages in one place just like with a regular email client _

[ Main Features ]

  • Use pre-defined filters to display messages you need
  • Open Partner's messages directly from Partner Form view
  • Messages and internal notes only are shown (system notifications and chat/channel messages are NOT displayed!)
  • Reply to or quote messages
  • Forward messages to other thread
  • Edit notes or messages. Flexible user settings for edit access!
  • Move messages to "Trash" and restore them. Empty trash by schedule
  • Mark messages read/unread
  • Star/Unstar messages
  • Archive/Unarchive messages

[ Conversation Model ]

Use Conversations any time you want to send message without attaching it to any special model (like Lead, Task etc)

[ Features ]

  • Message preview pane
  • Send messages in e-mail mode with To, CC, BCC features
  • Manage messages and notes directly in Chatter or Discuss threads:
    Edit or Delete Reply , Forward
  • Move messages to other thread/record
  • Flexible Chatter: Show/hide Messages, Notes, Notifications!
  • Assign message author if author was not detected automatically
  • Delete CRM Leads/Opportunities if no messages left except for notifications
  • Show lost messages

[ Messages Drafts ]

[ Mail Messages Easy ] extension

 version available

Save message as draft to send it later _

[ Messages Filter ]

[ Mail Messages Easy ] extension

 version available

Odoo messages filter and anti-spam protection _

[ E-mail Fields Tweaks ]

 version available

Customize outgoing e-mail fields _

Manage servers directly in Odoo _

[ Cetmix Tower]


Something really special is arriving

95% Development


Improve the retail sales efficiency _

[ PoS Stock Available Online ]

Show available product quantities
directly in Point of Sale _

[ PoS Product Quick Info ]

Click on a smart button on the product tile
to get product information instantly _

[ PoS Re-order ]

Create a new Point of Sale order
from an existing one _



Simplify your inventory management _

[ Reordering Rules Templates ]

Manage multiple reordering rules
at once using flexible groups _

 version available

[ Product Tweaks SKU ]

Generate SKU's/default codes for products
based on category and attributes  _

[ Multiple Product SKU's ]

Use multiple SKU's
for a single product _



For advanced communications _

[ Advanced Contacts ]

Multiple phone numbers, email addresses
and user names per partner _

[ Contact Groups ]

Easily manage contact groups
using special menu _

 version available



Boost up your productivity _

[ Open PDF Attachments in Browser ]

Open PDF reports
instead of downloading _

[ Scheduled Actions Shortcuts ]

Launch scheduled actions
directly from Odoo system tray _

[ Odoo UML Export ]

Export Odoo module hierarchy and structure
into PlantUML  _

 version available

[ Estonian Accounting and Reporting ]

Are you from Estonia? Using Odoo already?
Now you can use Estonian Chart of Accounts localisation and Reporting_
Download open source Odoo Community version for free or contact us  for Odoo Enterprise version_

 Balance Sheet
AT Return (KMD-2017)
VIES Declaration (VD)

Download Reporting
Chart of Accounts template

Download Accounting


with apps developed by Cetmix _

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